Nefers Haseb "Risto" (left), Nefers Getmes and Merymut Aphrodite.
"Julia" (left) together with her mother "Roosa".
Stardust Indiana Rose
Nefers Juliet
Nefers Daffodil Dolly
Nefers Hectic Dania
  Kennel Nefers has already been known in the 1980's when the pharaoh hounds I was breeding were of high quality. Merymut Aphrodite was the World Winner in Copenhagen in 1989.

I have tried to continue the same kind of conscientious breeding style with my poodles.

My first apricot toy poodle was my American import Startdust Indiana Rose "Roosa" who was born in 1993 and passed 2003. My first apricot toypoodle, Nefers Juliet "Julia" was born in 1997. Nefers Juliet had 3 puppies in 2001 and I kept Nefers Nelle "Nelle" to myself.

Nelle had her first puppies in 2003 and Nefers Daffodil Dolly "Dolly" stayed at home.

Dolly's and Toddy's daughter from Dolly's second litter Nefer's Hectic Dania "Dania" stayed at home.

Enjoy your visit!
FI CH Nefers Nelle
FI CH Tirkane Tea Toddy
Nutlee Nefers NongMiu