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Bitting Nike

Diana has been on vacation after she got her last CAC and became Finnish Champion. She will be seen in champion class in her future shows.
Gold Leis Goody

Goody achieved his International Championship and is now retired from shows. He is also a champion of Finland, Baltic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
8.4.2023 Puppies
Loved Chocolates Kiss Me Kate gave birth  to two boys, Nefers Max Does It Again and
Nefers Moriz Does It Again. Puppies are sired by Gold Leis Goody.
4.2.2023 Parkano

Bitting Nike ”Diana” became Finnish Champion under Maarit Hassinen from Finland.

Our puppies from Gold Leis Goody & Loved Chocolates Kiss Me Kate (born 12.5.2022) had a playdate.
Nefers Last Dance Jason, Nefers Last Dance Magnus & Nefers Last Dance Carol.
14.5.2022 Ruovesi

Bitting Nike "Dina" BOB & CAC under Unto Timonen from Finland

"Hyvä koko ja mittasuhteet. Hyvä pää ja ilme. Hyvin muotoutunut etuosa. Erinom. runko. Hyvä ylälinja ja hännänkiinnitys. Hyvin kulmautunut takaosa. Kantaa itsensä ryhdikkäästi hyvässä liikkeessä."
18.12.2021 Helsinki Winner, Nord

Bitting Nike "Diana" Helsinki Junior Winner 2021, best female 2nd with CAC and res-NORD CAC.
6.11.2021 Puppies

Three puppies, one male and two females were born out of Bayarin Liliana, sired by Gold Leis Goody.
Club Show, Hämeenlinna

Gold Leis Goody and Bitting Nike
Rakas Dania on poissa. RIP Dania
C.I.B FI CH, SE CH, EE CH Nefers Hectic Dania 9.5.2007-4.2.2020.
Parkano group show FCI 9, 1.2.2020

Nefers Such A Susann was BOB with CAC and she is now Finnish Champion! Our judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.
New Champion!

Gold Leis Goody is now Finnish and Latvian champion. He got his last CAC from Helsinki Winner under Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic. Goody was also BOB and BIG 4th in Parkano group show under Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.
Seinäjoki Int 26.10.2019

Nefers What A Victoria's Secret was BB-2nd with CAC and res-CACIB, she is now Finnish Champion.
Show news from summer 2019

Gold Leis Goody has achieved 8 CACs in Finland. Pictured in Ogre, Latvia 12.-14.7. where he got 2 CACs and BOS.

Loved Chocolates Kiss Me Kate BOS with CAC in Ogre, Latvia 12.-14.7.

Gold Leis Goody in Tampere Nord & Int. shows 4.-5.5.  was BOS with CAC & Nord-CAC and BM-2 with CAC and res-CACIB.

In Split 4 Nights Shows Nefers Zabata Jackie Chan got 3 CACs and Nefers What a Wictoria’s Secret 4 res-CACs.
Hämeenlinna 7.10.2018

Gould Leis Goody CAC & BOB under Iren Naartis from Estonia. I'm very happy for this 10 months old boy!
New import

Red toy male from Russia, Gold Leis Goody has been three times BOB-puppy in shows. He is born December 5th 2017

Black miniatures Nefers Zabata Jackie Chan, Nefers What A Macho Fantastico and Nefers What A Victoria’s Secret have done good job in the showrings this year. Nefers Liqourice Flash is new Lithuanian veteran champion.
Nefers What A Macho Fantastico
Nefers What A Victoria’s Secret

Newest member of our team: Nefers Zabata Jackie Chan.
New International Champion!

Black miniature male
Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis
2.9.2017 Kihniö Puppyshow

Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland. Nefers What A Victoria's Secret BOB-puppy and BIG 1st. Her brother Nefers Wha A Macho Fantastico BOS-puppy.
28.8.2017 Finnish Poodle Specialty

Nefers What A Victoria's Secret BOS-puppy.

Our beloved Fi CH Nefers Daffodil Dolly crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 14,5 years.
8.-9.7.2017 Pärnu, Estonia

Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis CAC and new Estonian champion. Nefers Such A Susann CAC. Nefers What A Macho Fantastico BOB-puppy and Best In Show 4 puppy, and sister Nefers What A Victoria's Secret BOS-puppy. Apricot female Loved Chocolates Kiss Me Kate. CAC & BOB.

22.1.2017 Turku Int

FI CH Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis CACIB & BOS under Jean-Jacques Dupas from France.

Nefers Liqourice Flash is now International Champion!

2.10.2016 Tuulos

Nefers Sach a Susann was measured as toy poodle and she gained her first CAC and was BOB in Tuulos group show.
30.-31.7.2016 Latvia Ädazi

Our black ones did well! Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis 2xBOB. Nefers Liqourice Flash achieved International Championship and Nefers Qu La Petite Sire'ne got CAC.
Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis
Nefers Liqourice Flash & Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis
Nefers Qu La Petite Sire'ne
1.5.2016 Tampere International

Apricot miniature female Loved Chocolates Kiss Me Kate BOB-puppy under Helin Tenson.
2.4.2016 Lahti International

Aprcot miniature female was BB-2nd with CAC and res-CACIB and is now Finnish Champion. Our judge was Gunilla Skallman.
31.1.2016 Parkano group show

Black miniature male Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis was BOB with CAC and became Finnish Champion under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland.

Our newest family member came from Austria, apricot miniature Loved Chocolates Kiss me Kate, she is born 10.9.2015.


12.12.2015 Nordic Winner, Stockholm, Sweden

Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis EXC1, CQ, best male 4th.
Nefers Such A Susann has been three times BOB-puppy.

Toy female Evak's Arizona Dream gave birth to 2 female puppies and 1 male puppy.

Rest in peace our dear Nelle. Nefers Nelle passed away at the great age of 14,5 years. She was my first poodle, true personality and she will always have her space in my heart.
29.-31.5.2015 Tallinn, Estonia

Nefers Hectic Dania is now Estonian Veteran Champion Nefers Liqourice Flash was BOB and Bayarin Liliana got jun-CAC and was BOB. In this group show poodles were judged by Dianne Besoit, Australia.

At Estonian Winner 2015 Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis was BM-4th with CAC.


6.12.2014 Helsinki Winner 2014

Bayarin Liliana Helsinki Junior Winner 2014, BB-3 with CAC
5.10.2014 Tuulos Hämeenlinna

Black miniature female Nefers Qu La Petite Sirene BB-2 with CAC.
R.I.P Nefers Juliet 25.9.1997 - 20.5 2014
I miss you.
16.8.2014 Valkeakoski

Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis got another CAC and was BOS, our judge was Oleg Vasiliev from Russia.
2.8.2013 Viitasaari

Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis CAC & BOS under Helin Kasuk-Tenson from Estonia
19. ja 20.7.2014 Puppyshows Tampere

Bayarin Liliana BOB-puppy on both days, she also was BIG-1 on 19.7. under Vesa Lehtonen.

12.7.2014 Kokkola Int.

Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis CAC & BOB under Anna Törnlöv from Sweden.
1.6.2014 Estonian Winner, Tallinn

Nefers Hectic Dania 2nd best bitch with res-CAC under Klaus Strack, Germany. We also had BOS-puppy on both days
Estonian Poodle Club Speciality 31.5 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Nefers Hectic Dania BOS under Bruno Nodalli, Italy. Well done for seven-year-old Dania!
17.5.2014 Riihimäki

Nefers Next Door Nancy got her last CAC and became Finnish Champion under Helin Kasuk Tenso, from Estonia.
Puppyshows 12.4.2014 Helsinki, 4.5.2014 Tampere 17.5.2014 Riihimäki

Black miniature male Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis 3 x BOB-puppy and black miniature female Nefers Qu La Petite Sire'ne 3 x BOS-puppy
New team members!

Black miniatures female Nefers Qu La Petite Sire'ne and black miniature male Nefers Qu Quantum Artemis have joined our team.


14.12 2013 Nordic Winner 2013, Helsinki

Nefers Hectic Dania EXC 1st in champion class, best bitch 2nd with CACIB under Strack Klaus from Germany. She was best Finnish female poodle in her variety at this show!
Nefers Hectic Dania

We're waiting two litters to born on late September. Read more from PUPPIES page.
14.7.2013 Hyvinkää

Judge: Zoran Brankovic, Serbia. Evak's Arizona Dream CAC & BOS.
2.6.2013 Estonian Winner 2013

Evak's Arizona Dream CAC, CACIB, BB2. Judge Jean-Jacques Dupas from France.
1.6.2013 Estonian Poodle Specialty

Judge, Stephen Wheeler from Sweden. Nefers Next Door Nancy EXC, JUN-CAC, BOS-junior.
28.4.2013 Lahti INT

Nefers Next Door Nancy EXC1, BB2, CAC. Judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy.
20.1.2013 Turku INT

Nefers Liqourice Flash BOS & CACIB. Judged by Barenne Roger from France.

9.12.2012 Finnish Winner

Nefers Next Door Nancy BOB-puppy, our judge was Tiina Taulos from Finland
8.12.2012 Helsinki Winner

Nefers Next Door Nancy BOS-puppy under Beradze Juza, Georgia
20.-21.10.2012 Rakvere, Estonia

Nefers Next Door Nancy was BOB puppy on both days.
02.09.2012 Tampere Group show

Tirkane Crunchy Time won CAC and was BOS under Juha Putkonen from Finland.
26.08.2012 Gotland Visby INT

Black miniature female Nefers Liqourice Flash was BOS with CAC and CACIB, our judge was Rui Oliveira from Portugal.
19.08.2012 Norrköping INT. Sweden

Nefers Liqourice Flash won CAC and CACIB being BOS, judged by Ann-Christin Johansson from Sweden.
12.08.2012 Raision Elonäyttely

Nefers Liqourice Flash was BOB with CAC.
28.07.2012 Pori INT

Our judge was Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland, Tirkane Crunchy Time was BOS with CAC and CACIB.
15.04.2012 International Dog Show Tallinn Winner 201212

Evak's Arizona Dream BOB with Junior CC, Tallinn Jun.Winner 2012 and Tallinn Winner 2012, judged by Zeljiko Gajic from Slovenia.

4.12.2011 Helsinki Winner

Silver toy poodle female Evak's Arizona Dream Helsinki Junior Winner 2011, CAC BB-3. Judge Patrick Holbourn from Great-Britain. Apricot miniature female C.I.B FI & EE & SE CH Nefers Hectic Dania EXC2 BB-3. Judge Miro Zlojutro from Kroatia
Evak's Arizona Dream
25.9.2011 Tampere all breed puppyshow

Silver toy poodle female Evak' Arizona Dream BOB-puppy and finally 2nd in group!
17.9.2011 Tampere group show

Apricot miniature Nefers Hectic Dania was BOB and silver toypoodle Evak's Arizona Dream BOB-puppy.
21.8.2011 Tallinn INT

Toy poodle female Evak's Arizona Dream "Luci" attended her firs show in puppyclass and was BOB-puppy. Judged by Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia. Miniature female C.I.B. Fin &SE & EE CH Nefers Hectic Dania was BOB with CACIB and Nefers Liqourice Flash was BB-2 with CAC. Miniatures were judged by Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden.
Evak's Arizona Dream
Nefers Hectic Dania
Nefers Liqourice Flash
31.7.2011 Pori INT

Tirkane Crunchy Time was BM-2 with CACIB. Judged by Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.

Our team has new member: Grey toy poodle female Evak's Arizona Dream "Luci" from Russia, St. Petersburg. She is born on January 28th 2011.
21.5.2011  Helsinki INT

Nefers Hectic Dania BB-2, res-CACIB. Judged by Ann Ingram.
12.2.2011 Tallinn INT

Nefers Hactic Dania won CAC, CACIB, BOB under Rainer Jacobs from Germany. She is now C.I.B!
21.1.2011 Turku INT

Jean Jacques Dupas from France. Nefers Hectic Dania was BOS with CACIB. Slavjan Charlston was BM 3, and gained res CACIB which will turn into CACIB so he is now C.I.B!

28.-29.8.2010 Gotland, Sweden

Nefers Hectic Dania won her Swedish CC and became Swedish Champion! Judge was Eva Liljekvist Borg, Sweden.  Slavjan Charlston won CACIB! Judge, Francesco Cochetti, Italy.

Added Diza Fleich Tokkata to The Poodles page with picture and pedigree.
12.6.2010 Tuuri All Breed show

Slavjan Charlston won CC and BOS and he became FINNISH and ESTONIAN Champion!!!
My grey dwarf bitch Diza Fleich Tokkata was 2nd best bitch and won CC!
6.6.2010 Tallinna International Winner

Slavjan Charlston best male 2 and won CC and Reserv CACIB.
5.6.2010 Tallinn Poodle Club Show

Slavjan Charlston won CC and became BOS- judge Ann Ingram Ireland
15.5.2010 Tampere puppyshow

Tirkane Crunchy Time has been to his first puppyshow and was BOB puppy.
New import from Ireland

Tirkane Crunchy Time b: 6.10.2009 apricot toy male
Sire : Cezz's Liquorice Shot (black)
Dam: Tirkane Kiss Curl (apricot)
Breeder Ann Ingram & K. Ryan, Kennel Tirkane

To Monica Lundqvist in Sweden Nefers Golden Jazz b: 9.10.2009, apricot toy male
Sire: Slavjan Charlston (apricot)
Dam: Nutlee Nefers Nongmiu (black)

Welcome Diza Fleich Tokkata

We want to introduce our latest family member. She is grey dwarf bitch and her name is Diza Fleich Tokkata and was born 21.06.2009.  Pictures will be added later.
Seinäjoki International show 25.10.2009

Judge: Anna Törnlöv, Sweden Nefers Hectic Dania  was BOB and won CACIB. Slavjan Charlston  Best male 4 with RES-CC.
Hämeenlinna Groupshow 24.10.2009

Judge: Jasna Matejik , Kroatia. Nefers Hectic Dania was BOB and finnished her Finnish Champion title!
Tervakoski Int 29.8.2009

Judge: Terry Nethercott UK. Slavjan Charlston won youth class and ended up as 4th best male and winning the CAC.  Nefers Hectic Dania won the openclass bitches and ended up as 4th best bitch and won the Res-CACIB.
Mäntyharju National 8.8.2009

Slavjan Charlston CC and BOS, judge Harto Stockmari
Köping Int 19.7.2009 Sweden

Judge was Reinelt-Gebauer L. from Germany.  We won best SAR - dog = which means best of silver, apricot and reds. In Sweden all the colors compete in the same class. We did win 2 x CACIB with "Charlie" & "Dania"
Salo 6.-7.6.2009

Slavjan Charlston won CC and was BOS!
Poodle Speciality Show in Helsinki 7.2.2009

Nefers Hectic Dania was EXC JUN2.

Winner 2008 Helsinki 13.12.2008

Nefers Hectic Dania was EXC JUN2 in Winner 2008 in Helsinki 13.12.2008. Judge was Frank Kane, Great Britain.
Welcome Slavjan Charlston

Slavjan Charlston (born 20.3.2008) red toy male has moved to my home from Russia in the middle of December.
WW Stockholm 4.7.2008

Judge Birgitta Hassalgren, Sweden: Nefers Hectic Dania Excellent, JUN 2 (10 dogs in the junior class) “MKT bra huvud o utryck. Bra hals o skuldra . Önskasrakare framben ännu väl lösa armbågan. Bra kropp för åldern Bra bakdel. Ngt ljus i färgen. Rör sig mycket bra”.
Poodle Speciality Show 2.7.2008 Sweden

Judge Dupas Jean Jaques, France: Nefers Hectic Dania Excellent JUN 2 (8 dogs in the class) “Well balanced excellent type. Beautiful head and expression excellent pigmentation,excellent ears strong in front, excellent topline and anqulations. very good tail. the colour is not perfect today. she moves well”.
Forssa International Dog Show 14.6.2008

Judge Juha Putkonen. Nefers Hectic Dania JUN1 EXC, Best Female 1, CAC and BOB.
Poodle Specialty, Helsinki 24.5.2008

Nefers Hectic Dania was EXC Best Female 2 in Special Poodle Show (judge Lee Cox, Great Britain) 24.5.2008 in Helsinki and received CAC.
Tampere INT Dog Show 15.3.2008

Nefers Hectic Dania was EXC JUN1. This was Dania's first dog show.

Lahti 21.10.2007

Nefers Hectic Dania was BOB puppy. Judge Maria Kosonen.
Toddy moved suddenly to Rainbow Bridge 24.6.2007.

Nelle's puppies ( 1 female and 2 males) were born 30.4 and Dolly had her puppies (1 female and 1 male) 9.5.2007.
Tampere International Dog Show 24.3.2007

Judge Teresa Serantes, Argentina.  Tirkane Tea Toddy: EXC, Best Male 2, CAC, res-CACIB and FIN CH. Nefers Nelle: EXC, Best Female 2, res-CACIB.
Poodle Specialty 25.02.2007 in Porvoo

Judge Nancy Hafner USA. Tirkane Tea Toddy: EXC, Best Male 2 and RES-CAC. Nefers Nelle: EXC, Best Female 4. Nefers Daffodil Dolly: EXC, Best Female 3.